Cyprus Bass Fishing Championship 2018

CFAA announces the 2018 Bass Fishing Championship. Members (old and new) who have arranged their financial arrangements by the championship registration date are eligible to participate. All participants must have a valid 2018 Fishing License issued by the Cyprus Fishing Department.

Championship Organization:

–  Individuals Championship, with two competitions as team matches.

–  Participation Fee: 40 Euros for each individual. Participation in single individual competitions without participation in the Championship is possible; price of participation is 10 euros per competition per individual.

–  5 competitions (one is a two-day event) including Final.

–  Competition duration is 7 hours (14 hours total for the two day event).

–  Point System: See  Annex 1. The best four competitions count for each team. The points of the Final are doubled.

–  Championship Winners: The First three individuals in the Championship plus the biggest Bass, with medals for 4th, 5th, and 6th place.

–  For each competition, Prizes will be given for the first three individual or teams and for the biggest bass in each competition.


Competition Details:

First Competition: Two-day Event 10-11/03/2018, Individuals

Day 1 Start Time: 11:00, Practice until 05/03/2018

Day 2 Start Time: 10:00, Practice until 05/03/2018

Special rules for the two-day competition can be found below.


Second Competition: 14/4/2018, Team Competition

Start: 12:00, Practice until 09/04/18


Third Competition: 19/05/2018, Team Competition, Dam by DRAW.

Start: 12:30

Fourth Competition: 22/09/2018

Start: 11:30, Practice until 17/09/18


Fifth Competition: FINAL 21/10/2018, DAM BY DRAW

Start: 11:00

The dams for the first, second, and fourth competitions will be announced in due course depending on the water situation, at least one month before each competition.

For the Competitions where the venue will be decided by draw, the draw will take place three days before each affected competition in the presence of the Main Judge, at least one member of the Championship Committee, and at least one member of the Executive Board not belonging to the Championship Committee, and will be open to any participant.



  1. Contestants must arrive at least 60 minutes (one hour) prior to the start of the competition. Contestants who arrive after this limit will be registered after the other contestants have started the tournament. If a contestant knows beforehand that he will be arriving late he should contact either the Main Judge or a member of the Championship Committee by 21.00 of the previous evening (except in case of emergency).


  1. Fishing is allowed only from the bank. Fishing on the water by any means is prohibited. Fishing will be allowed across the whole of the reservoir other than the areas which are prohibited as per the license of the Fisheries Department or determined by the Association.


  1. Any movement of the contestants with a car or other wheeled means after the start of the competition is prohibited. For this reason, the Association would like to draw the attention of the contestants for the need to wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and highlight the risks posed by the uneven terrain, tall vegetation, snakes, etc. and that CFAA will not bear any responsibility for any accident or injury.


  1. The only kind of fish that counts in the contest is the largemouth bass. The minimum allowable size is 30cm which is measured from the edge of the mouth up to the longest tip of tail. The fish in the measurement may have a closed or open mouth.


  1. The limit will be the 5 longest bass per individual.


  1. Any contestant, who arrives at the kick-off place after the end of the contest, will be disqualified for the particular tournament and he will be given a penalty of 50 points (if he has less than 50 points he will be given a negative number of points). This rule shall not apply if the delay was due to situations beyond the control of the contestant (injury, unanticipated flooding or fire blocking normal access paths etc.). The Main Judge and the Championship Committee will decide together in such an event whether the contestant’s delay is accepted.


  1. Contestants will have to carry their digital cameras with no Wi-Fi capabilities (pictures from mobiles or tablets will not be accepted). Also, photos from these devices should have the possibility of being transferred to a computer, so the contestants will have to carry the necessary cables or card readers etc. Camera cards (no Wi-Fi cards will be allowed) should be empty before the start of the competition (Head Judge will be checking same).


  1. The Association will provide NEW contestants with the necessary means for measuring the fish. The fish should be photographed and released back to the water alive. If a fish dies, then the competitor will receive 10 penalty points. Also, every picture, in addition to the fish and the measuring tool, should include a serial number (will be provided by the Association). Anglers who participated in previous championships are required to bring their own rules.


  1. For any measurable centimetre the contestant gets 1 point. If the length of the fish is equal to or greater than 40cm it will be rewarded with an extra 5 points. If it is equal to or greater than 45cm it will be rewarded with an extra 10 points. If it is equal to or greater than 50cm it will be rewarded with extra 20 points. If it is equal to or greater than 55cm it will be rewarded with extra 25 points.  The winner is the athlete or team who gets the most points.


9A: For each competition each individual will receive points base on his performance in each competition independently of whether the competition was for teams or individuals, with points awarded as per the attached annex according to the contestant’s finishing position.

9B: For the two team competitions, the TEAMS will be given awards as per the finishing positions of the team. As the championship is for individuals, the teams created for each team competition can be different.

9C. In case of two (or more) anglers or teams achieving the same position in an individual competition, the anglers or teams will share that position.

9D. In case two or more anglers share the same position after the completion of the championship, the tie will be resolved (A) by the total fish points obtained by each individual, (B) if the tie still continues by the BIGGEST bass caught by the involved individuals, and if the tie continues, by the second biggest bass of the involved individuals.



  1. Contestants will be allowed to fish only using artificial lures. There is no limit to the number of rods that a contestant will carry but can only use one at a time.


  1. The shorter distance to be maintained between contestants will be 10 meters in a STRAIGHT line.


  1. The use of Alabama rig is not allowed


  1. Any objection by a contestant as to the size of the fish or rules of the competition should be addressed to the main judge who will take the final decision. Such objection can only be declared the day of the competition prior the award ceremony.


  1. The competition could be postponed or interrupted if there are events which affect the safe conduct of it. The competition will be postponed if conditions make such a decision necessary if so deemed by a decision of the Competition Committee in consultation with the Main Judge. Such a decision shall be taken by 18.00 of the day prior to the competition. If the competition is postponed, the competition will be rescheduled on the following day, or, if the conditions that forced the cancellation still prevail, it will be rescheduled for the following Saturday. If the competition is interrupted five or more hours since its beginning it will be considered finished. If the competition is interrupted before five hours have elapsed, it will resume on the next day or if necessary on next Saturday from the point of its interruption, and all bass caught before the interruption will count. In the event of the resumption or rescheduling of the competition no new participations will be accepted.


  1. Any withdrawal during the competition (unless there is a serious problem) will result in zeroing the participant for the particular tournament.


  1. Any violation of regulations from a participant will lead to zeroing him for the specific event and he will also be given a penalty of 100 points. Such decision will be to the discretion of the Head Judge. In case of a serious breach, the Head Judge will be required to bring the misconduct to the committee of CFFA which will decide on the penalty to be imposed which can be up to ban from the association.


  1. When there are two or more starting points, each contestant has to declare from which starting point he wants to start by 21.00 of the previous evening. If he fails to do so, the Main Judge will assign him to the starting point with the fewer participants (if the number of participants at each starting point is equal, then there will be a draw). Contestants will be entitled to terminate at the starting point if their choice (it can be a different one than the one which they started from).


  1. Registration in the Championship will be accepted up until ten days before the first competition (2nd March 2018), and only participants who have paid their dues before the competition will be allowed to participate. If due to unforeseen circumstances affecting one individual he missed the registration for the first competition he will be eligible to register any time before the second competition (provided the Competition Committee accepts and approves his application). After this date registrations will be accepted only for individual competitions and the involved contestants results will not be taken into account for the championship. Participation requests will be accepted until 02/03/2018 through our webpage or via email on or on the phone number 99467504.

Note 1: Please note that those Members who are not interested to participate in the Championship but are interested in helping as judges, they can declare their participation at the above mentioned contact details. The Association will be covering the expenses of the judges accordingly.

Note 2: The Association reserves the right to change any of the above rules at any time. 


Annex 1