Cyprus Bass Tournament 2019 – Final Results

The winner of the 2019 Tournament was Yiannis Shittas (who also won the prize for the Championship’s biggest bass) with Dmitri Brylev finishing 2nd and Yuriy Rokatenko finishing 3rd.  Sotiris Hatzivarnavas finished 4th, Pantelis Iona finished 5th while Louis Katsantonis finished 6th.

In total, 222 fish have been caught during the Tournament. 164 of them were between 30 and 39 cm, 46 of them were from 40 to 44 cm and 11 fish were between 45 and 49 cm. Only one fish measured  50cm.

The Cyprus Freshwater Angling Association would like to thank all the anglers who participated in the Championship, our judges and of course our Grand Sponsor, Moondogs Bar and Grill who made it all possible.

We would also like to thank  our  sponsors for 2019: Presse Cafe CyprusEyeSpotCyprusKivu Speciality CoffeeUtopia Espresso CyprusBeer ShopCyprus Fishing Magazine and The Practice Audit Office.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsor Ω My Box Mods for the sponsorship of the trophies given to the winners of each competition.