Cyprus Bass Fishing Championship 2022

The Cyprus Freshwater Angling Association announces the 2022 Bass Fishing Tournament.

The registered members who have settled their financial obligations with the Association by the tournament registration date are eligible to participate. New members will also be eligible to participate.

Junior members of the Association who wish to participate in the Juniors’ Tournament, will need to be accompanied by their parent / guardian throughout the competition.

All participants must have a valid Fishing License issued by the Cyprus Fisheries Department.


The dates given below for the competitions may be subject to change due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. In case of any change or modification regarding the dates you will be promptly notified.

Water dams decided by draw will be announced immediately after the draw and at least 2 days before each competition.




Tournament Details:

Stage One / Individual – Two-day event 12&13/03/2022 – Evretou Dam

  • Day 1: 12/03/2022 Saturday – 11:00–18:00
  • Day 2: 13/03/2022 Sunday – 10:30–17:30

Practice until 06/03/2022

(Down below you can find the regulations of the two-day competition)

Stage Two / Team Competition – 10/04/2022 Sunday – Kouris Dam – 12:00–19:00

Practice until 03/04/2022

Stage Three / Individual – 07/05/2022 Saturday – Tamasos Dam – 12:30–19:30

Practice until 01/05/22

Stage Four / Team Competition – 05/06/2022 Sunday – Kalavasos Dam – 13:00-20:00

Practice until 29/05/22

Stage Five / Individual – 24/09/2022 Saturday – Arminou Dam – 11:30–18:30

Practice until 18/09/2022

Stage Six / Team Competition – 23/10/2022 Sunday – Asprokremmos Dam – 07:30–14:30

Practice until 16/10/2022

Stage Seven / Individual – 12/11/2022 Saturday – DRAW – 09:30-16:30

No Practice. 


Article 1 – Entries for Tournament & Juniors Tournament:

  1. Participation in the Tournament for members costs 50 euros for each contestant (for those who will not participate in the Tournament the cost will be 15 euros for a single competition)
  2. Participation in the Juniors Tournament (12 years – 18 years) costs 25 euros for each contestant (for those who will not participate in the Tournament the cost will be 5 euros for a single competition)
  3. The Tournament & Juniors Tournament includes:
    • Seven competitions. Four individuals (one of which will be a two-day) and 3 Team competitions
    • Team competitions (each team will consist of two anglers – individual entries will be accepted.
    • Duration of each competition: 7 hours.
  4. In order for a valid participation in the Tournament the contestants must settle the registration fee before the first competition of the Tournament. The last day of registration for the Tournament is the 4thof March 2022. Members who choose to register and participate in the Tournament starting from the second competition are required to pay the registration fee up to one week before the second competition (until 09/04/2022).
  5. After the last registration day for the Tournament, new entries will be accepted for individual competitions only. The results of the anglers who will compete in individual competitions, will not be taken in account for the Tournament standing.
  6. The winners in each competition will be the top three anglers with the highest scores, as well as the angler with the biggest fish.
  7. In team competitions only two anglers participate in each team. Teams must register before the first team competition. The individual points of the angler will also count in the general ranking of the Tournament.
  8. BONUS competition: Bonus competition: During the Tournament each angler will have the right to declare one (1) competition of his choice, from the total of seven (7) Tournament competitions, as a “Bonus competition”. To declare a competition as “Bonus” it must be done before the beginning of the specific competition and during the registration process, when the angler receives from the judge his competition numbers for the day.The “Bonus competition” provides to the angler the opportunity to increase his/her Tournament points obtained at the specific competition and according to his/her daily ranking (e.x. the angler who ranks 5th in the 1st competition of the Tournament gains 80 points. By declaring the specific competition as a “Bonus” the 80 points are multiplied by 1.5 times therefore the competition score that will be calculated to the general ranking of the Tournament is converted to 120 points.)  For the Bonus Stage points system see HERE!
  9. At the end of the Tournament the anglers that will be awarded are:
    • Τhe top three anglers in the Tournament.
    • Τhe top three anglers in the Junior Tournament.
    • Τhe biggest fish in the Tournament.
    • The fourth, fifth and sixth of the Tournament with medals.
  10. Last day for registration is on the 04/03/2022 by sms at the telephone number: 99689402 or by email at

Article 2 – Competitions:

  1. The last day of training and confirmation of participation will be the last Sunday before each competition.
  2. Anglers must be at the starting point at least thirty minutes before the competition starts in order to arrange the start-up procedures (registration, assignment of numbers, etc.).
  3. Anglers arriving at the starting points less than thirty minutes before, will have to wait to settle their registration procedures after the rest of the anglers have started the competition. In case an angler knows in advance that he or she will be late, he / she must notify the Chief Judge of the competition or the Committee of the previous night of the competition by 21:00 the latest. (Except in the case of emergency).
  4. When there are 2 or more starting points in a competition, the angler has to select the starting point by notifying the Chief Judge by 21:00 on last Wednesday before the competition the latest. If an angler fails to state his starting point, then he will automatically be placed at the starting point with the fewest anglers. If there is an equal number of contestants at each point then their starting point will be a draw to decide. Anglers are entitled to finish at a different point from their starting point if they wish to.
  5. Fishing is allowed only from shore. Fishing in the water by any means is prohibited. Fishing will be permitted throughout the whole water dam except the areas that are prohibited under the fishing license or by the organizers.
  6. Any movement of any angler by car or other means of transport after starting the competition is prohibited. For this reason, the Association emphasizes that anglers should wear appropriate clothing and shoes. It is advisable not to ignore the warnings of dangers due to rough terrain, high vegetation, snakes, etc. The Association will NOT be liable for any accident or injury.
  7. The shorter distance to be maintained between contestants will be 10 meters in a STRAIGHT line.

  Please consider that we fish in the spirit of good sportsmanship and respecting our fellow competitors.

Article 3 – Camera & Ruler:

  1. Anglers must have a digital camera or high-resolution photo camera with them. Cameras or telephones should be able to transfer the photographic material on to the committee’s device or to a specific application, which will be used for the Tournament archive or the Tournament’s website.
  2. Anglers are required to upload photos of each competition within 24 hours after the ending of a competition at or on the Committees device or in a specific application, so that in case of any complain or doubt of the results of a competition can be properly reviewed. (see Article 4 paragraph 10)
  3. If an angler fails to submit his / her photos in 24 hours, the competition’s rating will not be counted in his/her championship standing point.
  4. An angler competing for the first time have to ask from the Association to obtain an approved fish measuring ruler. Those who have the approved ruler from previous competitions must bring it with them.
  5. Fishes should be photographed on the ruler correctly and returned back into the water dam alive. If a fish dies, then the angler will incur a penalty of 20 points.
  6. In each competition, each angler will receive his/her numbers for the day from the Chief Judge (different in each competition). The numbers must be returned to the Chief Judge after the competition is over. In case the numbers are lost, the angler will be charged for their replacement.
  7. In each photo, except of the fish on the ruler, must have also the angler’s number. Fish photographed without the angler’s number will not count in the day’s catch.

Article 4 – Points & Penalties:

  1. Point system: See Annex 1. The anglers’ final score will be by adding the 6 competitions in which he / she has scored the highest points. The 1 competition in which the angler has received his lowest score will be taken into consideration.
  2. For every measurable centimeter the angler will receive 1 point.
    • If it’s equal to or greater than 40cm it is awarded an additional 10 points.
    • If it’s equal to or greater than 45cm it is awarded an additional 20 points.
    • If it’s equal to or greater than 50cm it is awarded an additional 30 points.
    • If it’s equal to or greater than 55cm it is awarded an additional 40 points.
    • The angler with the Biggest Fish it is awarded an additional 5 points at his tournament points in each competition.
    • The winner will be the angler or team with the most points.
  3. In case there is a tie in a competition, the position in which the two or more participants have earned is equally shared.
  4. In case of a tie between two or more anglers at the end of the Tournament standings the winner will be determined after considering the following and in this order:
    1. The points of all the fish of the angler’s fishes. The angler who has the most centimeters in total gets the higher position in the standings for the win.
    2. In case there is still a tie, then the angler with the biggest fish gets the higher position in the standings for the win.
    3. If another tie follows then the angler with the second largest fish and so on for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, until there is a difference, to determine the winner.
  5. Fish that counts in the contest are only the ‘Largemouth Bass’ species. The minimum size is 30cm which will be measured from the tip of the mouth to the longest end of the tail. The fish during the measurement must have a closed mouth.
  6. For every competition, the five largest bass will be counted from the total of the angler’s catch. For the two-day competition, the five largest bass will be counted from both days together (if one contestant attends only one day, the fish of that day will apply for both days).
  7. At the end of the competition any contestant arriving late at the finishing starting point, will be disqualified for the competition and he will be given a penalty of 50 points (if he has less than 50 points, he will be given a negative number of points). This rule will not apply if the delay was due to situations beyond the control of the angler (injury, unanticipated flooding or fire blocking normal access paths etc.). The Chief Judge and the Tournament Committee will decide together in this matter whether the angler’s delay is accepted.
  8. If there is any violation of regulations from an angler, will not get any points for the specific competition and he will also be given a penalty of 100 points. (From his individual points, if he has less than 100 points, he will receive a negative sign). In case of a serious violation, the Chief Judge will be required to bring the misconduct allegation to the Tournament Committee who will decide on the penalty to be imposed. The penalty may even be a suggestion to the Council to remove the angler from the Association.
  9. Any withdrawal during the competition (unless there is a serious problem) will lead to disqualification for the competition. If an angler knows in advance that he / she must leave before the end of the match, he / she must notify the Chief Judge or the Tournament Committee no later than the beginning of the match.
  10. Any objection by a contestant as to the size of the fish or rules of the competition should be addressed to the Chief Judge and the Tournament Committee who will take the final decision. Such objection can only be declared the day of the competition prior the award ceremony. (See Article 3 paragraph 2)


Article 5 – Rods & Baits:

  1. There is no limit to the number of rods that each angler will bring with him, but they must use only one at a time.
  2. Only Spinning / Baitcasting rods are allowed during the competition.
  3. Anglers will only be allowed to fish with artificial lures.
  4. The use of the Alabama rig is prohibited.


Article 6 – Cancelation / Postponement of the competition:

  1. Any competition of the Tournament may be cancelled or postponed by the Tournament Committee or the Chief Judge in the event that there are conditions or events which risks the angler’s safety. In case of postponement of the competition before it starts, the decision will be taken at the place of the competition by the Tournament Committee. In case of postponement during the competition the decision will be taken by the Chief Judge on the spot.
  2. The waiting or examination period in both cases shall not exceed 60 minutes.
  3. In case that during the waiting period it is decided to start or restart the competition, the postponed time will be calculated in the total duration of the competition.
  4. If the competition is set to take place on Saturday and is cancelled, then the competition will be held the following day (Sunday). If the competition is set to take place on a Sunday, or if the conditions that led to the cancellation of the competition continues, then it will take place the next Saturday.
  5. In case of an emergency requiring the Chief Judge to cancel while the competition is running, the following will apply:
    • If it’s cancelled after the end of 4 hours, it will be considered finished.
    • If it’s cancelled before the end of the 4 hours, it will resume the next day from the point it was cancelled. (See Article 6 paragraph 2)
    • All Bass caught before the competition cancellation will count.
    • When the competition will be re-scheduled, no new participations will be accepted.
  6. In case that the two-day competition, is postponed or cancelled while the competition runs, the following will apply:
    • If on one of the days, the competition is postponed BEFORE the end of 4 hours then the results will be valid up to the postponed time and added to the next day.
    • If one day is postponed the second day will be valid.
    • If both days are postponed for a total of six or more hours, the competition will be considered finished.
    • If both days are postponed for a total of less than six hours, then the competition will be held next Saturday as a one-day competition. If the two-day competition is to be held in two different water dams, then the water dam would be selected by draw.

Note 1: Members who are not interested in participating in the Tournament but want and can help as referees can declare their interest by contacting the mobile number 99689402. The Association will cover travel expenses and other needs, depending on the distances. Judges will be informed in advance of the amount of expenses covered by the Association.

Note 2: The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions at any time during the Tournament.