CFAA Registration

In order to be a Member of CFAA please download and complete the  Application for Membership, and send it via  email to: 

The registration to the Association or the renewal fees can be paid in the following ways:
Α) By Bank Transfer (€15) at the ΙΒΑΝ CY22002001950000357008038614 (BANK OF CYPRUS), by writing ‘Registration 2024’, your name and your phone number at the description field.
Β) By depositing €15 (Euros) at any BANK OF CYPRUS at the account number 357-00-8038-614 and writing your name and your phone number at “particulars”. By sending the deposit slip to the above address you will receive your receipt from the Association.
C) By PayPal using your credit card to transfer the amount of €16. Just complete the following form and select ‘Pay Now’. Next, write ‘2024 Registration’ at the ‘Description’ area.

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